Old Salt (Local Pick Up)

In Old Salt, set sail with a hand-picked fleet of ships that await your command. 2-4 players take on the role of an admiral of a faction’s only remaining naval force. Victory or defeat rests perilously in each player’s hands. Pick your battles carefully; there are no reinforcements to look forward to. Turn the tide of battle and pursue victory by firing cannons at the enemy, sailing ships into positions of strength, seizing islands to expand your control of the sea, and making use of powerful faction abilities. The first player to capture 6 islands or the last player with ships still sailing is victorious and pronounced the Old Salt. In addition to the base game mode, Old Salt comes with 6 faction missions, a nine mission campaign and three alternate game modes for you to enjoy. Make Old Salt work for you and your group. Included in the rulebook is a recommended list of mechanics and rules to add or remove to a game in order to match Old Salt with the desired experience of the group.

Only difference between this product and the default Old Salt product is this one is local pick up only (Iowa). Customer picks up the game unless specifically agreed otherwise by the owner.