Six Epic Factions To Explore

Each faction boasts of 3 powerful and unique abilities that players can use to turn the tide of battles.


Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the faction and decide which of the six works best with your playstyle.

Some abilities have a cost or specified window of opportunity to use. This cost is noted to the bottom right of the abilities symbol. Above the text and to the right is the specified window of opportunity. In order to use and carry out an ability, pay the cost during the window of opportunity.


The Elite aim to bring stability and justice where chaos and anarchy reign. All Elite ships are built with quick latch capabilities. This allows Elite ships that are in close quarters to distribute resources for quick repairs or stabilize cannons for more accurate long range attacks.

The Elite are weakest when low in numbers. Be wary of the Elite ship that brings reinforcements to a skirmish.


The Bootleggers thrive off of freedom and the thrill of the chase. When the greedy Bootleggers seize new territory they pull out their ancient treasure maps and launch an expedition on the island in search of buried treasure.

Where other factions act rashly and regret it later, the Bootleggers act rashly and then pack up and leave in search of new treasure and enemies to raid. Often leaving a wake up devastation and cursed storms in their wake.


The Engineers have dedicated entire generations to technological breakthroughs and discoveries and have many tools and inventions they can use against their enemies.

When the Engineers want to protect a territory they build a fortified watch tower that defends the island against invaders on the seas. To the more reckless factions, a fortified tower is seen as a challenge to overcome.

A challenge that is seldom in favor of the invaders.

Engineers waste not want not and scavenge the wreckage of their enemies and bolster their own ships with anything that can be found of value.


The arrival of the Eternal faction is a story for another time. This magic infused group has the power to wield the sea against its enemies. Eternal ships lure their prey into close quarters by appearing to be cut off from the rest of the fleet. Easy pickings the enemy seethes.

When the Eternal's can see the whites of their enemies eyes they unleash a devastating tidal wave in all directions of the lone ship.

The Eternal have the ability to open magical portals for their ships to sail into and disappear from sight. It is long believed that those who happen to witness where the portals lead to have not lived to tell the tale.


The Forgotten are a mysterious and evasive group that recently took to the seas to expand their influence and domain.

If you ever come across a Forgotten ship, prepare for battle for you may not see the next sunrise. Forgotten ships only engage when they have the advantage. If you ever manage to get the upper hand, they will flee in their sleek ships.

If you attempt to pursue, they will fill your path with trash to slow you down. If you fire at them, they will slip across the horizon.

Truly truly I tell you, a battle waged against a Forgotten ship is a fruitless endeavor. You will either die and rest in the depths or the seas, or hold a death grudge till your bones rot of old age.


The Barbarians are a savage faction with the capacity to enact vengeance and revenge that you cannot fathom.

When a Barbarian ship is destroyed, an all consuming war cry goes up that sustains the Barbarians from letting go of the thread of life. Their blind rage spurs them on to attack, attack, attack, yell, and attack some more.

The Barbarians are a very tempermental group to have as enemies. If you find yourself fleeing a close quarters engagement, you may find your ship impailed with a grappling hook that reels you back into a doomed battle.

Beware the Barbarian that becomes tired of your antics and yells at your very soul. A bone rattling yell that has caused even the most battle hardened crews to flee.

Beware the battle with Barbarians, no matter how you engage, they will have the last word, and the last cannon shot.