Drinks and Designs

A uniquely creative and free pop up event for your friends and family where you get to design a game at your favorite local brewery, winery or distillery.

What is "Drinks and Designs?"

Drinks and Designs is a free event we run at local breweries, wineries and distilleries where we help you design your own board game.

Grab your drink of choice and have a blast designing a game. One of our favorite parts about this program (aside from it being free to you) is that you do not need to have any prior board game experience to have a great time!

We supply you with a nifty little game design packet that contains everything you need to to get started.

If and when you run into a snag, we bring a local game designer that can help answer any questions or help you brainstorm a solution to help overcome any problems or snags in the game.

If you arrive late or have to leave early, each packet also comes with guide sheets that take you step by step through the game design process.


Yep! We offer Drinks and Designs events completely free to patrons!

We operate similarly to live music you might see at a brewery or winery.

We all know live music is entertaining to listen to and enjoy a beverage with. We can confirm that having a bunch of adults design games about the most wacky and ridiculous things is also very, very entertaining.

Event Breakdown

First things first, grab yourself a drink and stay awhile! We'll drop off a packet at your table and help you get started.

In the first hour, most participants progress through the general design of the game with the guidance of the sheets and the on site game designer.

The second hour we help you piece together the nitty gritty of the game. This is where the rules and game play take shape. It's usually important to have a playable game.

The third hour is typically the most enjoyable. This is where you get to add artwork and play the game.

So who is this for?

When and Where?

We recently revamped the Drinks and Designs to be free to the public. Now that it's ready to go we are starting to reach out to venues in Des Moines and the surrounding areas and get things on the calendar.

We will update our Facebook page as soon as we get our next Drinks and Designs event set in stone.

Be sure to follow our Facebook Page to get notified when we we do!

Do you have a place in mind?

We are always looking for new places and venues to run Drinks and Designs at. Get in touch with us! We'd love to see if it makes sense to run a Drinks and Designs event there!