The core game mechanics of Old Salt

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Old Salt Has Six Powerful Factions To Explore

Old Salt Is A Successfully Funded And Fulfilled Kickstarter Campaign

Old Salt was successfully funded on Kickstarter by the support of 245 backers. Manufactured by Gameland over the course of 2022. We completed fulfillment of the project in March 2023.

Naval Overhaul Kit

Brag Worthy Table Presence

Wooden banner blocks that boast of your presence and announce your enemies deeds.

Your gaming table will become a war room for the battles and skirmishes yet to take place.

Dive Into the Naval Admiral Experience

Old Salt puts it's gamers into the role of a Naval Admiral. This role comes to life all the more with the Naval Overhaul Kit.

More Immersive Than Ever Before

The factions and ship types allow players to dive deep into the lore of the game.

With the Naval Overhaul Kit, players will lean into their factions and firing broadside cannons all the more.

A Next Level Game Night

The Naval Overhaul Kit is a fantastic upgrade kit that takes the game night to the next level. Explore what the Naval Overhaul Kit has to offer your group by clicking the button below.

Learning How To Play

Old Salt is a gateway naval strategy game. Learning the ropes is quick but mastery of the game is difficult to achieve.

If you'd like to learn the basics of how to play Old Salt, click the video to the left to watch Unfiltered Gamer's How To Play video on Youtube.

Or click on the button below to go to our How To Play page.

How To Play

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