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A program aimed at developing life long makers, creators, and designers by teaching them how to design their own board game.

Looking for a unique holiday activity?

This year, try out our board game building kit and make a fun holiday themed board game with the family!

Kits come with everything you need to make a game, including helpful guide sheets that take you step by step through the process!

What do parents have to say about Little Creators Club?

"My daughter (11) just finished the one week summer camp to invent your own board game. She said it was one of the best camps she has ever joined. Instead of watching other people play games or play games other people made, they got to learn the process of inventing their own game. From designing the art work, to making rules and pitching the "sale" to a "potential buyer" (in this case the parents) 😀 Definitely would recommend this camp."

Yasmin B, Summer Camp Parent

"Our 9-year-old son had the opportunity to attend the camp and absolutely loved it! Every night when we'd talk about our days the camp was the highlight of his day. Through the creating, planning, strategizing, packaging, and presentation of his work he stretched himself in areas he wouldn't normally have the opportunity, all while having a great time. The game he made is pretty great and we enjoy playing as a family. We can't overstate how much he enjoyed his time there."

Titus W, Summer Camp Parent

"Our 10 yr old son participated in the summer game builders camp. Over the course of the week, he formulated and created a playable board game. Tim is an excellent teacher. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the process and was super proud to show off his board game when it was complete."

Ryan W, Summer Camp Parent

"Our daughter did a week long (afternoons) camp, and she had such a great time. Tim taught not just how to make something, but make something creatively their own. He had the kids think about the creation of a game step by step, and encouraged the kids as they built their own prototype (he supplied all materials, including Meeples)! I would highly recommend LCC"

Jeff B, Summer Camp Parent

"This was such a great experience for my group of kids! They were able to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, while expressing themselves creatively and having FUN! I highly recommend this program!"

Christina H, Event Parent

What is Little Creators Club?

Up close, our clubs are all about designing board games and helping kids use their imagination to create something awesome. If you take a step back, our clubs introduce the process of breaking down a big project into bite sized pieces.
During our clubs, kids will take little but critical steps towards designing their own game. The process of breaking down a project can be applied to other areas of their life such as painting, writing a story, and much more.

What can board game design offer?

Our hope is that we can help the next generation take a step away from consumerism and instead towards being a life long creator, designer and maker.
After the designers finish making their game, it's time to playtest. This can be a difficult part of the design process because things don't always work how we thought. Which is tough for any age. We foster a mentality of failing forward in our clubs so that when we encounter difficulty, we work towards overcoming it rather than quitting or giving up. Easier said than done!

Building a board game is a blast, but it's even more enjoyable when designing alongside others.
Being both the designer and the artist is no small feat!
We have all the materials needed for game design on hand and ready for the kids to use in their games.
Our instructors have at least 3 years prior working experience with kids and pass required background checks.
Creating your own board game encourages young designers to explore new ideas and concepts.

Where are these clubs?

Most often, we run our clubs through the school districts. Parents have a safe and convenient place for their child to attend the club. Students are often in the club with their friends.

We are currently working with the following districts:

Johnston Schools┃Waukee Schools┃Knoxville Schools┃Ankeny Schools┃St. Anthony's Private School┃

If you don't see your school district, let us know! We love partnering with school districts, home school groups and private schools!

What's the cost?

For our After School Clubs, in order to pay our instructors, purchase the materials, and work with the school district, we charge parents 12-15 dollars a week per designer.

The designers will get to take their games home with them from week to week and keep the games they create.

This club is an investment towards valuable life skills! While your child is making a game, they are also learning how to break problems down into doable tasks and how to push past failure.

We give your designer the tools to create and the space to do it their way. When the stage is set, it’s quite remarkable what can be made.


We have a fast paced 2 hour version of the club where designers make a game in a very short amount of time. We love partnering with libraries, zoos, botanical gardens, non-profits.

If you have an idea for a partnership for a summer camp, after school club or event, we'd love to chat!

Little Creators Club offers 3 types of programs