Naval Overhaul Kit

The Naval Overhaul Kit

An upgrade box for select components in the base game. Instead of banners made of punchboard, you can claim your islands with solid wood blocks engraved with your faction's symbol.

The Naval Overhaul Kit upgrades the following tokens from punchboard to wood:
Tradewind Tokens┃Faction Tokens┃Ocean Tokens┃Coin Tokens┃Faction Banners

The Naval Overhaul Kit offers a new level of epic to Old Salt and the immersive experience of a naval admiral at the war table.

What's inside the Naval Overhaul Kit?

There are 2 trays in the Naval Overhaul Kit. The top tray holds the wooden tokens that replace all of the circle punchboard tokens in the base game, Old Salt.

Top of the image: 9 Tradewind tokens┃6 Fortify Pyramid tokens

Middle of the image: 30 Coin tokens

Bottom of the image: 12 Transcended Ship tokens┃
┃12 Cursed Coin tokens┃5 Expedition tokens┃6 Ocean tokens┃15 Debris tokens

What's inside the Naval Overhaul Kit?

The second tray is below the token tray and is home for the thirty-six epic wooden banner blocks. There are six wooden banner blocks for each faction.

The Naval Overhaul Kit leads to a new level of immersion.

  • The Naval Admiral that slams his banner block on to his newest territory. One island away from victory.
  • The war strategist that opts to construct the Engineers Fortify Tower on each of her remaining islands is given 4 of the deep red pyramid blocks to place atop her island's banner block.
  • The Eternal's ship is destroyed and leaves behind a solid wooden token in its wake. Reinforcements are already en route. Vengeance will be had.

Limited Quantity. Purchase your Naval Overhaul Kit before they are all gone.

Never Board Games manufactured 350 Naval Overhaul Kits. Most of them were purchased by Kickstarter backers. Since we have no plans to do a second print run of the Naval Overhaul Kit, once we sell out, they are gone.