Old Salt Multi Team Events

A large group game mode for the naval strategy game Old Salt. This is a large group tactical game that can be run from start to finish in under 3 hours!

Work with a teammate to secure victory. Use your small fleet of ships to sail into positions of strength, fire cannons, and seize islands out from under from the enemy.

Our next multi team event is this September 14th at 6pm. Our host is Arkham Games in Ankeny, Iowa.

Multi Team Overview

Players work in teams of two to earn points by damaging ships and seizing islands. Once a team reaches 50 points, players finish out the round and count up their points. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins!

Throughout the game, players unlock rewards they can use in the game to boost their effectiveness. For each reward not used, the player will receive points at the end of the game.

A Player's Turn

Critical Elements of the Board

Compared to the original 14 island, 3 tradewind Old Salt board; the multi team board has some important and notable differences.

Small Islands - There are 36 small islands scattered throughout the playing area. Depending on the number of players, there may be ocean tokens to cover up some islands.

The Mega Island - There are two mega islands on the board, each towards the middle of the playing area.

The Rocks - Sailing over rocks will damage your ship 1 health point per rock tile sailed over. These rocks do not block line of sight.

The Zone of Power - There are two zones on the board, each towards the outer edge. Sailing a ship into a Zone Of Power will teleport the ship to the other Zone at the end of the round.

Costs? Rewards?

There is no cost to participating in our Multi Team events. We think this is an amazing way to show new players what Old Salt the game has to offer and run these events completely free.

Despite it being completely free to participate, we do offer rewards for the top performing teams.

Victory Rewards

Game Store Gift Card

When we run multi team events at a game store, the top two placing teams of the event will receive a gift card to the host location. The more teams that participate, the greater the gift card amount.

Metal Coins

The highest scoring team will receive two metal Old Salt coins.

We will keep track of who receives these metal coins for a raffle drawing after our twelfth Multi Team event.

The selected winner will get to design their own faction and ship type for Old Salt. Never Board Games will create and deliever the newly designed faction and ship tokens to the winner.

Do you have an Old Salt coin? Click here to Register it!

Where? When?

Our next Multi Team event is at Cardboard Caucus in West Des Moines, Iowa October 28th at 1pm. Sign up here either solo or with a teammate to compete in this epic event!