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Rules & How To Play

"That's the beauty of it though. There's so much that has to do with the social aspect of it that makes it so great. I love that."

Brooks, Long Distance Gamers

"Between the Barbarians, Bootleggers, Elite, Eternal, and Forgotten there is a playstyle for everyone.?

Dan, Board Game Geek

"Straight forward tactical style game with a ton of character classes and unique abilities that make the game interesting and unique each and every time you play it."

Michael, Unfiltered Gamer

There are so many strategic options in Old Salt, and that keeps it engaging and entertaining for all players."

Laura, Purple Phoenix Games

"I love the old, rustic quality to the game board and pieces!"

Jazz Paladin, Everything Board Games

"Honestly, I was surprised how fun Old Salt is. The variability in building your fleet & setting sail to battle for control of the seas made for a strategically different game each time."

Jazz, Lobby of Hobbies

What do gamers have to say about Old Salt?

"Oh man, the build and print quality of all the pieces is top notch; honestly some of the best overall.  And the thoughtful design on box storage.A+ friend.Can't wait for the first game night."

Nathan T, Kickstarter Backer

"Can honestly say it’s one of the only strategy board games that I’ve played that can keep my attention throughout the game. It was easy to teach to my friends and kept us laughing and at each other’s throats all night.”

Saul S, Kickstarter Backer

“With countless game modes, creative factions and thoughtful strategy, Old Salt is our must on game nights!”

Travis M, Kickstarter Backer

“Old salt brings risk into the ocean scene. There are unique strategies to outplay your opponent! Super competitive and extremely fun!”

Alex R, Kickstarter Backer

“Old Salt is a brilliant and approachable naval strategy game that offers plenty of opportunities for clever maneuvering and broader strategizing with fleet compositions and faction skills. "

Nate J, Kickstarter Backer

"Received my copy today! Looks fantastic, especially the Naval Overhaul Kit, very nicely done!"